The Gauntlet Of Pain with Starla

After numerous rumors that one of her favorite bitches, Chelsea Chainsaw, has been running a muck, Goddess Starla nabs the defiant dirty whore and drags her filthy little cunt into her dungeon. She locks her wriggling body in a box, torments her with the zapper, some side-bending tickling, then for good measure slaps her face a nice shade of red. The vulgar little skank still doesn’t learn, and after more back-talk, Goddess Starla ramps up the intensity with a nice ice-bath, a little pussy play, and a good and thick strap-on shoved nice and deep into her grungy twat. Then after all is said and done Goddess Starla demands to be pleased and forces Chelsea on all fours to lick her engorged clit and bring her to the orgasm she deserves.